Not Just a Dry January

A number of my clients have tried the dry January thing, several times.  They now realize that their drinking is beyond their control.  It is affecting their lives and more importantly, the lives of others close to them.  They have come to realize that they are in the grip of a powerful addiction and it’s taken over their lives!

Giving up for January, cutting down or drinking weaker drinks just isn’t working. Relationships, jobs, finances, and families are crumbling and it is time to face up to the realities of the situation.  When I ask my clients who are addicted to alcohol “How will the video end?” they can only see their lives spiraling ever downwards.

At Vital minds we use a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy help the client understand their feelings and regain control of their lives.  They love having that control back!

The chances are that you, or someone you know is in this spiral of destruction now.  The brave are brave enough to ask for help and help is a phone call away!