Lose Weight – No Diet!

The Hypno-band weight loss program is your route to successful weight loss in 2012.  Set yourself an “ideal weight” target and come on board.  You will lose weight steadily each week without going on a diet.  After a couple of weeks you will be able to work out how long it will take you to reach your “ideal weight” target. That’s a good feeling!  You know that you are on your way and you can get there.

Just take the first step. Come for your free initial consultation and understand how the program works!  Call 07867 802062.

Knee pain

If your knee is hurting and you are a bit overweight, you are entering the zone between the rock and the hard place!  You are exercising less because of the pain and your weight will creep up.  The additional weight will make your knee pain worse!  Your GP will give you pain killers.  In 10 years time you will have put on a lot more weight and health will be pretty poor.

So you should take action straightaway to lose weight fast!  You should try some low impact exercise.  Swimming, or cycling on and exercise bile is ideal, as it has minimal impact on that knee.

Just enough time to do Session One of the Hypno-band Program before Christmas.  If you do, by the new year you will have lost 3-6 pounds.

It seems crazy, but now is the best time to make a start.  If you do, all that stress associated with eating too much over Christmas will be gone.  You will be on the program knowing what you want to achieve and will be achieving it right from the moment Session One ends.  Call now!  07867 802062


Clive is not on a Diet, but he has lost three pounds a week, for the last four weeks, so that’s 12 pounds.  He has just had his Hypno-band post-op session.  He doesn’t feel very different, but he looks different to me.  Weight has come off his face.  He looks healthier.  That’s because he is eating small meals as part of a regular daily routine. He feels pretty comfortable about this.  His friends ask him about the diet he is on. BUT that’s the difference.  He’s not on a Diet, but is losing weight,  THREE pounds each week and three pounds next week!

Hypno-band Story

Clive had his Hypno-band Weight Loss operation on Wednesday at the Parkfield Medical Centre in Potters Bar.  He arrived tense and stressed, but when he left he seemed so calm.  So these Hypnotherapy sessions have side-effects – Good ones.

Clive’s operation went well.  He has gone away with a CD to listen to, which will help him through the next few days.  He has a golf ball to squeeze when he feels the urge to eat.  I will call him in a day or two to see how he feels……