Well that’s another happy client!

I had a weight loss client booked in for a follow-up this week.  Yesterday she cancelled the appointment because she is doing so well. 2lbs to go to get to her target weight which she should hit in the next week or so.  She has done a great job!

Sugar for breakfast – oh Yes

On “Rip off food” on BBC1 this morning we learned how much sugar there is in the off-the-shelf breakfast cereals we buy and consume every day.  The sugar content is a problem in itself but it has a nasty effect on our bodies.  It gives us an immediate blood sugar high, followed by a blood sugar low a couple of hours later, so we get hungry.  The response is a mid morning snack, probably high in carbohydrates,sugar or both.

Take a hard look at this if you are overweight. It might be a real contributing factor.

Formula 1 from Herbalife would be a good alternative.  Ok, there is some sugar content but it’s low in carbohydrates, so you just won’t get that sugar high.  Consider using it three days a week.