Daily Express plugs Hypnoband

Nigel Burke entertains us today in the Daily Express with a plug for the Hypnoband. He says that the New Year Resolutions have slipped away and most of us have the same “bugged” selves.  He discusses the poor image of hypnotherapy, but turns out to be a one time practitioner and is no skeptic.

He points out that the 80% success rate of Hypnosis is rather better than the 70% success rate of surgery.  Of course, there is a reason for this.  Our mothers stopped feeding us when we were toddlers, so unless we are Roman Emperors  we have been feeding ourselves ever since.  Unless we can control our input we will inevitably put on the pounds (yes exercise does and will help).  This is where the Hypnoband program is a big winner.  As Nigel points out, patients are convinced, under hypnosis, that they have had a “Gastric Band” operation, but so much more is done to support this.  Right from the first session, the therapist understands the emotional reasons which cause them to over-eat and the triggers that make them put all that unnecessary food in their mouths.  The program helps them to deal with these emotions and triggers.  It changes their behavior.  They become the person they want to be.  That person is their new thinner self.

Power Pilates

If you need a little help on your weight loss journey, have a look at Power Pilates in Potters Bar.  I had my first session there this morning.  It really helps to tone all sorts of muscle groups, particularly the core muscles in your waist and lower back. It’s not a heavy work-out, just gentle exercise on the cleverly designed equipment, under the watchful eye of Chris the trainer.

The first session is absolutely free and lasts about 45 minutes.  Give them a call on 01707 654949


Clive, a Hypno-band Hero

Clive had a set-back in his Hypno-band journey over Christmas.  Both he and I were disappointed last week, because had had gained some weight over Christmas. Two weeks off work had taken its toll. But he’s bounced right back and lost 4 pounds in the last week!

We have both learned something from this little set-back.  It shows just how fast he can and does put on weight when he takes his eye off the ball.  What we both want is for him to have a complete lifestyle change.  There are very positive signs that this is happening, but I need to work on this for him and ensure that the change is complete and forever.


GP Says Lose Weight and Stop Smoking or we won’t operate

Overweight patients and smokers in parts of Hertfordshire are warned that they will be required to lose weight and stop smoking before they are reccomended for surgical procedures.

Dr Nicholas Small of Hertfordshire Valleys GP Commissioning Group (Basically the people who decide if you can have an operation on the NHS or not) made a statement to this effect on BBC local news this morning.  He said that the risks associated with surgery are higher for those who are overweight or smoke and that they would be told to stop smoking, lose weight or both before being put forward for surgery.

The evidence seems plain enough.  The risks of surgery are indeed higher.  Other commissioning groups will no doubt follow this lead.  So it’s time for many of us to seriously consider our position and change our habits.

Liver Damage

A 21 year old man now needs a Liver Transplant .  As the consultant explains, “The liver keeps grinding away and then suddenly it stops. By then 95% of its function is gone”.  In fact, it’s too late and a transplant is the only answer.  But demand for liver transplants exceeds supply by a considerable margin.