Winter’s coming…

As the temperature drops in the northern hemisphere our bodies consume a bit more energy to stay warm.  We are tempted to turn to warm, comforting, satisfying food. Unfortunately, many of these foods are high in carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, white rice and pasta) which will means that we gain a weight if we don’t take care.  So just try and stay on the salads a bit longer.  Don’t turn the heating up full blast and don’t let the poor weather put you off getting out and taking some exercise.


Becoming a non-smoker

Ok, you’ve had enough, it’s time to change, time to become a non-smoker.  Notice that I did’t say give-up smoking.  That would mean a loss of something you value and you might not feel too good about that.

When I use hypnotherapy to help people become non-smokers they find the change quite easy.  They are not ex-smokers wondering how long it will be until they have their next cigarette.  They are non-smokers. It’s as if they have never smoked. They are untroubled by cigarettes, they don’t mind being situations where others are smoking.  Cigarettes are no longer part of their lives!