Look out at the world to begin your recovery from Anorexia

Looking out at the world is one of the most important changes Anorexia sufferers can make.  By doing this they can see that there are so many good things going on around them.  Working at McDonalds might be a step too far for some, but it certainly helped Jo Thompson to find what she wanted in life.

At Vital Minds we help Anorexia and Bulimia sufferers to change their view of the world through counselling and hypnotherapy.  Call today and tell us about how you feel about the world +44 7867 802062.

8 steps for teenage weightloss

In this really good article you can see eight things that you need to do and think about to successfully lose weight.  It’s just a lot of good advice on one page.  It does say that you should not cut your calorie intake to less than 1300 a day because as a teenager you are still growing and of course your bran needs 500 calories a day to function properly.

Act NOW to lose weight. Benefit later

Start your Hypno-band weight loss program now!  Yes now, before Christmas!  If you make a  start NOW you will have lost 4-5 pounds by Christmas and you will go through the Christmas period untroubled by food, because your eating habits will have changed by then.  Of course you won’t need to buy all those unnecessary food items, so you will save money.  On Christmas day you will have a normal meal and that’s that!

Well not quite;  The cost per session will be going up in January to £90 so sign up now and get your four sessions for £320.