Men’s Health

Men are concerned about their body shape.  A high proportion of my male Hypno-band weight loss clients say so.  This research study confirms my findings.

My male clients seem to have a poor understanding of diet and nutrition.  That’s why they have put weight on.  They eat too many carbohydrates and need to cut down.  Many are very committed to exercise, having enjoyed sport in the past.  This commitment combined with The Hypno-band weight loss program will get them the body shape they want and their health will improve significantly.

Over 40? Time to act your age!

Ok, so you’ve reached the ripe old age of 40 and its time for you to make your health your top priority.  In your twenties and thirties you made all the excuses, but now’s the time to toughen-up.

Go and see your GP, it costs you nothing but your time, and get checked out.  Be honest and act on the advice you are given.  Take a look at this article.  This guy knows what he’s talking about!


Plate half full diet!

You know that full satisfied feeling so well.  In fact you don’t stop eating until you get there and this happens several times a day.  Of course, you’re overweight and feeling pretty bad about yourself.

Try this.  Prepare a small meal.  Follow any recipe or diet book you like, but just be sure that it is a normal healthy portion low in carbohydrates  (not much bread, potatoes, pasta or rice).

So now eat your meal.  Surprise, surprise, you dont feel full.  That heavy feeling is not there.  Is that a bad feeling?  Well no, not really.  Now carry on and do the next thing in your day.

Do the same thing with your next meal.  Make it a small one, on a small plate perhaps. Again, you don’t get the full feeling.  Was that a bad feeling?  No it was just a feeling.

Keep this up for a day or two.  Now that half full feeling when you’ve finished eating feels normal.  Well it feels quite good actually.  Does it feel better than that heavy bloated feeling you used to have?  It does actually!