Manage Stress

At Vital Minds we work with the client to identify the causes of Anger, Stress and Frustration in their lives. We examine the emotions associated with these feelings.  We identify and discuss the undesirable actions that occur in response to these feelings.   From this we can develop a treatment strategy tailored to the client’s needs.

In hypnosis, powerful suggestions (agreed with the client beforehand) are made to the subconscious mind which help the client to deal with the causes of their anxiety and correct behaviours that they are uncomfortable with.

After just one session, the client is better able to cope with the causes of stress in their life. They learn to drop unhelpful responses and behaviors and to take small but positive steps to counter the factors that cause them stress.  They become more positive and relaxed.  Further sessions will be required to move them forward and allow them to reduce the stress in their lives to an acceptable level.  Leaving them with an improved outlook on life and a great sense of well being.