Back to “Normal”

Ok! holidays over, kids back to school, time to relax for a while. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to concentrate on You!  Perhaps you would like to lose some weight by joining the Hypno-band Program. When you do you will lose a couple of pounds a week.  So have a think about how much you might lose by Christmas. If you make a start before the end of the month and there will be about 12 weeks.  That’s 24lbs gone, or maybe two stone.  Just one more thing: you will have won back control over your eating habits.  You will be in complete control over Christmas and the January diet won’t be necessary.

Come and have a chat about it either in Hertfordshire or Rutland.  Call Michael on 07867 802062 straightaway.


On the move

After practicing in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, for nearly 5 years I’m moving to Rutland, England’s smallest county. I will be helping clients in the Stamford and Oakham area.

The move is taking a while, so I will still be seeing clients in Potters Bar for the next few months.

If you are seeking help please call Michael on 07867 802062 (you may need to leave a message as reception is poor in the countryside!) or, fill in the form on the web site.


Hypno-band Love

I still love the Hypno-Band weight loss program, after using it for nearly five years to help clients lose weight.  Let me tell you why I like it so much:

  • There’s a plan involving 4-5 sessions
  • It’s a slow and steady approach, based on losing a couple of pounds a week
  • Results come early (usually after session 1)
  • If it’s not working I can find out why
  • Clients feel really different – “I just can’t face big portions anymore!”
  • The program can be customized to meet individual client’s needs

There are four sessions each lasting about an hour, at £95 per session. The sessions are delivered about two weeks apart.  The client has “homework” to do, including listening to a custom made recording on most days.

If you would like to find out more about the Hypno-Band program, please fill in the contact form or call Michael on 07867 802062 today.



New year’s resolution off the rails?

So how’s January going?  Is your new year’s resolution holding up?  Are you going to slip back into your old ways when February dawns?  Well, if you’ve made the changes and are happy with what you have achieved look no further, but if you’re not read on.

If you’ve found it difficult to stick to your new year’s resolution, it’s probably because you’ve only used your conscious mind and you haven’t asked your subconscious mind for its permission!

In hypnotherapy a deal is struck between conscious and subconscious minds.  The subconscious is no longer in the way, preventing us from achieving our goals.  So if you haven’t quite made it, one hypnotherapy session could help you to break through.  Call today +447867 802062

Drink and think…

Just take it easy this Christmas and consider a dry January.  This article will tell you about the health benefits of reducing your alcohol consumption, or even giving up altogether.

Some of you may have been thinking that your drinking is out of control and that you need to do something about it.  If that’s the case, buy this little book, read it and give me a call. I have developed a hypnotherapy program based on the book and it’s proving pretty successful.  Equally, you may know someone who needs a bit of help.  Buying the book for them might be a good first step….