Hypnoband Love

I still love the Hypno-Band weight loss program, after using it for nearly six years to help clients lose weight.  Let me tell you why I like it so much:

  • There’s a plan involving 4-5 sessions
  • It’s a slow and steady approach, based on losing a couple of pounds a week
  • Results come early (usually after session 1)
  • If it’s not working I can find out why
  • Clients feel really different – “I just can’t face big portions anymore!”
  • The program can be customized to meet individual client’s needs

There are four sessions each lasting about an hour, at £85 per session. The sessions are delivered about two weeks apart.  The client has “homework” to do, including listening to a custom made recording on most days.

If you would like to find out more about the Hypno-Band program, please fill in the contact form or text Michael on 07867 802062 today.

Slim down for Summer

Ok holidays over, kids back to school!

Now’s the time to concentrate on you and make 2018 a great year.  Start making changes now.

Perhaps you would like to lose weight by joining the Hypno-band Program. When you do, you will lose a couple of pounds a week.  So, have a think about how much you might lose by the time you go on holiday in the Summer. If you make a start in February that’s five months until you go away in July.

My clients on the Hypnoband program lose 5-8lbs per month. So that’s between one and a half and two and a half stone.  Imagine how you will look with all that weight gone.

Give me a call on 07867 802062 and I will talk you through the program.


How is January going?

We all start the year with the very best of intentions but busy lives get in the way.  Actually, our subconscious minds are the problem.  We want to make changes at a conscious level, but find that we stray off course.  That’s because at a subconscious level we want to continue as we are (we like smoking – it gets us through our day, as do those snacks and that 6 o’clock glass of wine).  Or, to put it another way “We want to change at a conscious level, but we haven’t asked our subconscious mind for its permission”.

Hypnotherapy solves this problem.  It addresses the subconscious mind directly, while the conscious mind is “parked”.  The therapist makes helpful suggestions to the subconscious mind during the session.  It takes them on board and those old bad habits are gone.

Well that’s how it works, so give it a try.  Call 07867 802062 today for a 10 minute chat.

Christmas Ruined

You, or someone you know, has had their Christmas ruined by Drugs or Alcohol addiction.  The difficulty is that the “addict” is ok!  It’s you that has the problem.  Well they’ve given you one!

You’ve probably tried to convince the addict to stop several times, without success. But why would they want to stop when THEY are “fine”.

There is a way to break out of the prison, which being a family member or close friend is. Give me a call and we’ll give it a try. 07867 802062 Michael

Weight Loss Magic

Well I do have a Magic Wand of sorts, it is the Hypnoband Weight Loss Program.  If you have the time so do I.  Come and find out all about it at 10.00am, on Saturday 13th January in the relaxed atmosphere of my home in Rutland, LE15 7SE (click on post code for map).

There is a £10 registration fee payable in advance via PayPal.  Attendees will come away with an understanding of why hypnotherapy is a vital tool in delivering personal change and a full understanding of what the Hypnoband program involves. One attendee will have the opportunity of attending their first private session commencing at 11.00am which will take about an hour and a half.

The Hypnoband Program comprises 5 sessions, about 2 weeks apart with homework (not very arduous) between sessions. Each session costs £95.00.  There is a 10% discount if all sessions are paid up-front.

Text CONFIRM to 07867 802062 now, to reserve your place