Lose weight the veggie way

Vegetarians tend not to be overweight.  Certainly, we seem to picture them as slim, healthy people. So why is that?  Maybe it’s a simple as this:  the body is 95 % efficient in converting fat and storing it.  So you store nearly all the fat you eat!  A recent study in Taiwan shows that vegetarian diets are very effective for weight loss and vegan diets are even better.  If you need to be further persuasion read this The Starch Solution  It convinced me and there some good recipes in there too.

So how easy is it to make the change?  Well, with a bit of help from the Vital Minds Vegetarian Weight Loss Program,  you will find it remarkably easy.  Your eating habits will change after just one of the three sessions (£95 each).  You will lose weight. You will feel better.  You won’t find eating out difficult.  You’ll enjoy cooking a whole new line-up of meals and you will save a bit of money.  Furthermore, you will dramatically reduce the risk of contracting bowel cancer, because all those processed meats will be gone from your diet!

So ok it’s Christmas time. But why not make the change before Christmas and just let yourself have a slice of turkey on Christmas day.  Make sure you have plenty of vegetables though!

If you’re tempted, give me a call to discuss, or fill in the contact form.