Stop Drinking

Are your first waking thoughts about where and when you will drink today? If they are, I can help.  I know how drink controls your life and how restricting it is. My guess is that you feel pretty bad about yourself.  That’s ok, things will get better.

Your “Identity” as an alcoholic is pretty unattractive and will only get worse.  Others, close to you are being badly effected by your drinking.  If it’s a problem for those you love and care about, You have a problem.

Your identity is completely dominated by drink.  Every second thought is about drinking and about that next drink.  You are powerless, compelled to drink.

Just imagine that you could become a different person a person who has never drunk alcohol.  A person who never gives alcohol a thought.  It plays no part in their day. None, none at all.  You could be that person.  Yes you!

Two or three Hypnotherapy sessions and a bit of homework will change your thoughts about alcohol and remove your daily need for alcohol.  Your Identity as a drinker will fade away, replaced by a new identity, that of a non-drinker.  It will be as if you have never drunk.

If it’s time to change your identity and become a non-drinker, give me a call 07867 802062.  Together we can achieve a lot.