Hypnotherapy faqs

What is hypnosis? 

It is a state of altered consciousness.  The critical facility which we use all the time is suspended, or “parked” if you prefer.  The subconscious mind is opened right up and is able to accept positive, helpful suggestions.  This enables changes in behaviour.

What does it feel like?

There isn’t really a ‘hypnotised feeling’ – most people would insist afterwards that they had not ‘gone under’ but it’s different for everyone. After a few sessions,  most people start to become aware of how the state feels to them.  An individual in the hypnotised state usually feels very relaxed and at peace, some say that it feels like that feeling of complete contentment that you can sometimes experience as you fall asleep.

Can I be hypnotised? 

Most people can be, but they must be willing to be hypnotised. If you use hard drugs or are under the influence of large amounts of alcohol then it would not be possible or advisable.

Can i be made to do things I don’t want to?

No. If the therapists makes any unpleasant or improper suggestions you will come out of the hypnotic trace straightaway.  A trained, reputable hypnotherapist would never attempt to do anything that you might not want to do.