Increase confidence

We all struggle with confidence at some point in our lives.  Some of the most outstanding actors, performers and politicians are plagued by self doubt, but manage to overcome it.

A setback in life can effect our confidence, or as is often the case, confidence slips away over a period of time.  However, nearly all of us have been very confident for long periods of our lives and that confidence has enabled us to have good relationships and satisfying jobs.  So how do we rediscover that confidence and allow it to help us in the future?

To restore confidence, the therapist and client need to discuss many aspects of the clients life.  This will enable both parties to better understand the the events and emotions that have lead the client to lose confidence.  Equally, the client, helped by the therapist, needs to define new goals and work out a path to achieving them.

Hypnotherapy, can and does assist this whole process.  It can be used to remove the negative thoughts at the root of the confidence issue.  It also helps to increase the levels of self belief in the client, reinforcing their belief that they can move forward and achieve their goals.