• are you worried about where your drug-taking will lead you?
  • are you hopelessly addicted to recreational drugs?
  • do you use drugs more than once a week?
  • is your addiction a problem for others you are close to?
  • is your work suffering?
  • have you lost your job due to your addiction?
  • do you wake up thinking about when you are going to use drugs today?

If any of these questions make you feel uncomfortable, maybe it’s time to get some help. If you don’t, will things get better or worse?  You know the answer to that one!

At Vital Minds we have developed a program to help addicts overcome their addiction. Over a period of about one month, we use hypnotherapy to reprogram thoughts and feelings. But first of all we look at where you are in your life right now and what the way forward looks like.  Then we look at the feelings that you have about yourself which you have used drugs to mask.  Then, once both parties fully understand these thoughts feelings, we are in a position to move forwards together.

You have the power to overcome your addiction! Working together we can find that power and put it to work. Easy? Maybe not, but imagine how you will feel when you have overcome this great challenge in your life.

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