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Hypno-bandI’m and experienced Hypno-Band practitioner, having used the program for five years. I work in my consulting rooms at Clipsham LE157SE , or The Feathers Holistic Centre, Deeping St James.  Home visits can be arranged for those who sign up for the whole program.  Most of my clients have achieved sustained weight loss and changed their eating habits forever!

People suffering with Diabetes have done particularly well, with blood glucose tests showing steady improvement as the weight comes off.  The medical professionals supporting them are delighted!

My clients stop snacking after the first session and they feel so, so good.  Their lives chance completely in 6-8 weeks.   They acquire the eating habits of a slim person.  They do this without dieting, although they do cut right back on bread, white rice, pasta and potatoes.  They are happy to eat small portions of healthy nutritious food.

Have a look at this Video It explains the whole Hypno-band process.

In your first session we will look at the  feelings you have which cause you to over-eat. This enables me to customize the program to fit your precise needs.  The relationship between the therapist and the client is the most important factor in determining the success of the treatment.  So if our first session goes well the chances of achieving sustained weight loss are very high indeed.

There are four main sessions, session three being the “hypno-band operation” itself.  Each one lasts about an hour and costs £95 (£360 if all four sessions are paid in advance).  You will be given some “homework” to do, on your own, between sessions.  This takes the form of a CD which you must listen to several times before the next session.

You will start to lose weight after the first of the four sessions, because your eating habits will have changed.  You will continue to lose weight between sessions. By the time you have completed session four you will be losing about three pounds a week. The change in you will be amazing to see.   You will feel calm and confident and you will continue to lose weight.

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