Stroke Recovery

Stroke survivors and just as importantly their carers, need additional help.  They will have received help in hospital and members of their Physiotherapy team will continue to visit them at home for several weeks.  However, they do need additional help in the following areas:

1. help with sleep

2. help with motivation

3. getting over depression

4. helping with transfers e.g. wheelchair to car

5. helping with standing and walking

6. pain relief (I removed the pain from a stroke survivors knee and foot which helped her to stand and walk much better when she walked with her physiotherapists  half an hour later).  The pain relief was not permanent but certainly helped a lot

7. help to extent the range of movement in lower and upper limbs ( I can provide a CD for helping with upper limb movement and lower limb movement when I’m not in attendance)

8. help with living “In the Now” to help survivors to look forward and outward rather than dwelling on the past and retreating from the world

9. helping carers who are struggling and failing to take care of themselves

Hypnotherapy and counselling can help with all these things.  Just getting a better night’s sleep can help enormously and is and is probably the first thing to address.

Each stroke survivor is different and requires a custom built approach. Call, today for a chat on 07867 802062 and we can get things moving.