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I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist after spending many years in IT and Management Consultancy.  My training as a Hypnotherapist has involved the acquisition of many new skills.  After five years of diligent work and extensive background reading, my range of knowledge and skills span Psychology and  Psychotherapy.  I have read widely on Mindfulness, Addictive Behaviour, Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety.  I have helped clients overcome difficulties with:

  • addiction – smoking, alcohol, drugs
  • weight gain
  • eating disorders
  • stroke recovery
  • anxiety
  • fear of flying
  • relatuinship problems
  • confidence
  • depression

My therapy sessions rarely last less than one hour.  My clients and I are happy to continue until we have made some concrete progress.  I seldom see people for more than four or five sessions.  By then I have either solved the problem, or I advise the client to seek help elsewhere.

I trained at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain in “Hypnosis for Therapeutic Transformation” and “Clinical Hypnotherapy”.  The institute is run and I was trained by Dr John Butler.  He has been training hypnotherapists for 30 years.  This training forms the foundation of the work I do to help clients to lose weight with the Hypno-band system. I’m a Licensed Hypno-band Practitioner

John trained us to listen carefully to clients and understand their needs.  This complimented the skills I had already acquired in the business world.  Undoubtedly, the most important thing in the whole process is to understand the situation from the client’s point-of-view and work from that starting point.

Registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council CNHC

Registered as a practitioner by the General Hypnotherapy Register