Hidden Depression

We may all be a bit depressed!  When you read this article you may find things that you clearly relate to.  Don’t worry, depression is a perfectly natural coping mechanism that has evolved in us over millions of years.  It’s helps us to deal with trauma and adversity.  For example, if you lose a loved one you would naturally be depressed for a while.  It would be strange if you were not.

So just look through this article and see if any of the points apply to you.  If you are overweight or have trouble with drug or alcohol abuse you could certainly be depressed. If you are hiding from the world, that would be another sign.  I do agree that the “happy people ” are sometimes pretty miserable inside.

So if you would like to talk some of this trough, with an experienced counsellor and therapist, call 07867 802062 for an initial chat.