Little voices

Do you hear little voices in your mind telling you what to do?  They say you must do this, or must not do that; most of the time you go along with them.  But do you find that you are still doing the wrong thing; overeating perhaps?

Top sports people use techniques to turn these voices off.  They know that if they actually listen to them and then “think” about what they need to do, it will all go wrong.  Tiger Woods is listening to all those voices in his head and his loss of form has been spectacular! (send him round here and I’ll sort him out)

It’s the same with trying to lose weight.  Those voices are chattering away “It’s mid morning I really do need a cup of tea and a biscuit”.  The voice in your head is saying that; your body is just fine.  How about this one?  “I must finish all the food on my plate, it will be wasted otherwise.”  Well you just don’t have to.  You’ve spent the money, so that’s not coming back!

My Hypno-band clients allow me to turn those voices off for them, or, if the voices don’t go away, my clients learn not to respond to them.  Within a couple of weeks their behaviours have completely changed and they a have a whole new set of healthy eating habits.

63 to Christmas

Are you putting off your weight-loss plan until after Christmas?  If you are, think again!  So it will be January before you get started (sounds familiar).  How much weight will you have gained by then?  The whole idea sounds a bit suspect doesn’t it?

So why not start this week.  With the Hypno-band Health++ plan you could lose over a stone buy then.  You won’t over-eat over Christmas either.  By then, your whole attitude to food will have changed.  Snacking will be long gone and you will be eating small portions of healthy food.  You will treat Christmas like any other day.  Of course, you will have a nice meal, but you won’t want more than that.  You just won’t buy all those food items you don’t need; why should you?

So make a start now and go into Christmas a stone lighter full of confidence, in control of your eating habits, untroubled by Christmas knowing that it’s just another day when you can achieve a lot for yourself.

Winter blues coming on

Don’t let the winter blues derail your weight loss plan.  Yes I know this time of year can be a bit depressing. But take positive action to banish the blues and stay healthy.  This article details the vitamins and minerals we all need to stay healthy and keep those colds at bay. Formula 1 from Herbalife has them all in one meal and will at the same time help your weight loss journey.  It’s got a 50:50 split between protein and carbohydrate unlike many others which are mostly carbs, so it releases energy slowly, without creating a blood sugar spike.

Drop a daily eating event to lose weight.

How many eating events are there in your day?  Count them up and you will see that there are quite a few. So cut one out!  Mid morning snack perhaps, or that little something you have when you get in the car.  When you have cut the first one out you will realize that you just did not need it.  That habit will be gone from your life.  Then it’s on to the next one, until you only eat there small meals a day.

Weight loss on the road to health

People who are overweight are not healthy, in fact they are damaging their health.  My goal is to make my clients healthy.  On the way they will lose weight.

I want to ensure that they are getting all the nutrients their bodies need to make them healthy.  They can do this while losing weight if they eat the right foods and take the vitamins and minerals their bodies need.