Teenage Stress

I have helped a number of teenagers recently to manage the stress in their lives.  As this article on the BBC website shows it’s a common problem.  It requires urgent attention and your GP may not be able to offer much help.

Being a teenager is stressful.  There is pressure to achieve good results at school and university.  There is pressure to look good and appear as successful as others.  There is a lot of pressure to “perform” at social events, which makes them stressful and not much fun.  And of course there is the roller-coaster of relationships and its wheels don’t run smoothly.

The teenage years are a period of huge and almost constant change, with new challenges around every corner, with the world looking on. As adults, I’m sure all of us can recall some bad times as a teenager.  Some of us coped pretty well but others did not.  Maybe those teenage troubles are still with us today in the form of depression or addiction.

Teenagers need a helping hand at times and the combination of Counselling and Hypnotherapy offered by Vital Minds can help.

Stop Smoking Success Story

I worked with a client three months ago to help her to stop smoking.  She had smoked for 20+ years and felt a strong urge to change.  I kept in touch with her for a few weeks after our second hour together (two sessions are normally required), but was pleased to hear that she had not had a cigarette for three months when I spoke to her yesterday.  She’s delighted and so am I!


Help for type 2 diabetics

Very interesting article on the front page of the Sunday Times, suggesting that a Crash Diet could reverse type 2 diabetes.  An 800 calorie per day diet is recommended.  That’s a pretty low calorie intake and will be hard to stick to.  However, helped by a modified version of the Hypno-band program it’s achievable.

Hypnotherapy will totally change the mindset of those trying to follow this strict calorie limited diet.  The effort involved will be dramatically reduced.  Reduced intake will seem normal and food cravings will drop away.

If you want to find out more about the program and see how it can meet your needs fill out the form here