Hypnosis Aids Stroke Recovery – Update with Video

For some time I have been using Hypnotherapy stroke survivors.  Recent work with a lady whose right side movement is restricted, particularly her right wrist and hand, has shown how range of movement can be increased “in hypnosis”.

Hypnosis was used to place my client in a totally relaxed state.  Importantly, “in hypnosis” the conscious mind  is switched off, “parked” in the corner of the room if you like. This quietens all distractions and negative thoughts.  After a few minutes, when she had achieved this totally relaxed state, with my help, I gently manipulated her wrist and tried to straighten her fingers.  Her little finger straightened completely as did her third finger.  Her index and middle fingers, which she can normally straighten after some manipulation, also opened up.

My client was amazed, as her little and third fingers had never been straight since her stroke. You can see the video of the session here

The following day I asked my client how her hand felt and she said “It’s been very hot and I can see the blood going through it . It was very easy to stretch today”.  Her hand is normally cold due to poor circulation.

The work I have done with my client is encouraging.  Her range of movement, in and post hypnosis has shown improvement, as has her circulation.  We will continue to work together and I will keep you updated with progress, including some video!


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