Hypno-band Keeps on Delivering Great Results

I have met so many clients like Maurine.  Over the years, really without noticing, their eating habits have deteriorated.  My job, using the Hypno-band program, is to replace those bad habits with good healthy ones.

My clients see the change in themselves after the first session.  The cravings for sweet things seem to ebb away effortlessly.  Weight loss begins straight away and when they come back for session two they are delighted with their progress.

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You will not lose weight through exercise alone!

I have been telling my clients for 2 years that they will not lose weight through exercise alone.  Take some time to watch The men who made us thin on BBC i-player.

I have attended Mark Clark’s spinning classes many times and he is absolutely right!  The calorie burn in each class is between 350 and 450 calories and it takes a calorie burn of 3500 to shed one pound of fat!  Now I’m not saying that exercise is not worthwhile.  It builds muscle, which in turn burns fat and you will feel so much better!

Weight gain is down to taking in too many calories and exercise won’t fix the problem unless you do one of Mark’s classes 5 days a week or more.  So weight loss can only be achieved by reduced food intake. The Hypno-band program is designed to help you do exactly that.  You will change your eating habits after the first session.  The harmful snacks will go and you will be eating smaller portions of healthy food.  Taking more exercise is part of it.  That’s because it’s a good thing to do not because it will burn fat.