Two solutions to the same problem! Which is the one for you?

Hypno-band clients in Potters Bar are achieving sustained weight loss.  Now Horizon viewers can figure out why!

So, in last week’s Horizon we learnt that the subconscious mind is far, far more powerful than the conscious mind.  This week we learnt that a Gastric By-Pass operation changed an obese person’s brain activity and removed cravings for high calorie fat-making food.  It changed the person’s attitude to food to that of a “normal” thin person.

In hypnosis, the therapist makes powerful suggestions to the client’s subconscious mind.  This has the same effect as the Gastric By-Pass procedure seen in this week’s Horizon.  The therapists suggestions turn-off the client’s cravings for high calorie, fat-making food and create a desire for healthy, low calorie food.  The client’s behaviour has been switched to “normal”, without surgery and the risk involved.


Who’s in control around here?

A Hypno-band weight-loss client of mine, who understands the power of the subconscious mind, told me last week that he was sure that he couldn’t lose weight using his conscious mind alone. “It’s just not strong enough on its own, so I need you to unleash the power of my subconscious mind for me.  The combination of the two should be strong enough to solve the problem!”

He hadn’t seen last week’s Horizon on BBC2, but he knew what they know anyhow. Leading neuroscientists believe that our subconscious mind is far far more significant than our conscious mind.  Take a look at this clip from Horizon  and you will get some idea of the power of your subconscious mind.

So the Hypno-band program brings the subconscious mind into play.  It uses the power of the subconscious  to boost the client’s mental resources to help them change their relationship with food and their eating behaviour.  The odds are now in their favour.  They can look forward to achieving sustained weight loss.




A setback and then Wow!

One of my Hypno-band weight loss clients in Potters Bar had a bad week.  He actually put on several pounds.  Both he and I were very disappointed.  To be fair, he had been unwell for a whole week, but had continued to go to work.

We discussed the way forward and we did a short re-enforcement Hypno-band session. He agreed that he would look very carefully at what he ate and when he ate and would take more ecercise.  He also promised to listen to the “homework” CD I had given him several times in the next week.

Well, the result has been a spectacular weight loss of Nine Pounds in one week!

So can we really expect the weight loss journey to progress smoothly with uniform weekly weight loss?  In a word NO.  There will be set-backs and disappointments. Both the client and I must stay calm, think the situation through clearly and get back on track.




Stop Smoking Now!

Ok, so you have had enough, but the problem is you just can’t stop!  The days roll by and you buy a pack and then another.  Your behaviour is compulsive.  You really can’t control it.

So to stop smoking you must take control.  Take control away from cigarettes and nicotine. You are very good at controlling other aspects of your life, but you need some help with this one.

One session of “Stop-Smoking” hypnotherapy will enable you to win control back. Hypnotherapy is the most successful way of helping people to stop smoking fast!  We use the most successful method.  It has helped thousands of smokers to stop in just one session. It has not been a struggle for them and it won’t be for you.  After all, you have had enough. It’s time to make the call….


The power of two.

The weight loss journey is a hard old road!  The Hypno-band program deals with the emotional issues which cause people to over eat.  It helps to address these issues.  We devise alternative behaviours, which don’t involve food, for the client to follow when the emotion tells them (falsely) that they need to eat.

Partners and brother and sister combinations have an easier time on the program as they make a point of supporting one another.  Eating habits in the home change straightaway as they pursue a common goal.  So it’s going to help a lot if your partner is on-side.  Of course we are happy to tell them how the program works and how they can help.

Hypno-band clients are encouraged to think hard about their support network extending it beyond the family to close friends who will support them.  If they use a personal trainer to help them with weight loss, the trainer should understand the program as well.