Think very hard before you have weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery will change your life forever and you will lose weight.  But you will loose a lot of other things as well!

This article in the Mail Online focuses on teenagers who have had surgery and are in a world of pain – you can form your own conclusions.  Further on in the article, the long term effects of surgery are discussed.  “Far from being a safe solution to weight problems, the side-effects  of gastric surgery can include long‑term health problems such as bone-thinning, fractures, anemia and kidney stones due to malnutrition, quite apart from psychological problems, including suicide”.

There is further telling comment from Malissa, who lives with her husband Chris, near Wakefield,  Her biggest worry is that the bypass has affected her fertility. She has suffered a number of miscarriages, including a little boy who was stillborn at 27 weeks. ‘The doctors don’t know if I will ever be able to carry a baby full-term,’ she says sadly.

‘I want people to know gastric surgery isn’t the answer to obesity. If I could only turn the clock back and lose weight with a combination of diet and healthy eating, I would.’

The Hypno-band program has been used to help thousands of people world-wide to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.  The whole program takes about ten weeks with the occasional follow-up session a few months later.  Eating habits are changed permanently, replaced by a good, healthy relationship with food.

Who wants this for their children?

In this article in the Mail OnLine the many risks of weight loss surgery are spelled out!  Of course, this applies to adults as well as children.  The long term effects of gastric weight loss surgery are unknown.

The Hypno-band weight loss program costs less than £500 and there are no risks of surgery. Success rates are up at 70-80% so why not try it?