Client explains the Hypno-band process

My weight loss clients in Potters Bar are having very similar experiences to Kevin in Scotland.  See his story here

As Kevin says, weight loss begins after the first session, because the client’s eating habits are changed.  It’s a whole new way of life, opening up new opportunities to do new things. Energy levels increase as the weight comes off.  Clients just feel happier!



Eat, fast and live longer

This is a truly astonishing programme (Horizon BBC2 Monday 6/8) and I’m giving it a try today!  If you missed it you will find it here. The bottom line is if you restrict your diet to about 500 calories a day, for two days a week your risk of getting heart disease and or cancer will be reduced dramatically.

Its 11.00 now and I have had nothing to eat so far and I feel fine.  I will have my 500 calories later and resume normal eating tomorrow.