Some real winners this week!  They are showing significant, constant weight loss.  Now for the reasons why!  They were thoroughly committed to the Hypno-band program from day one.  They had reached a turning point in their lives.  They knew that unless they took immediate action they would continue to gain weight and that their health would deteriorate fast.  They had no alternative really.  They just had to change.

So how did the Hypno-band program help?  First of all we looked at why they were over eating.  They were stressed, lonely, bored or sad and felt pretty bad about themselves. When they had those feelings they “self medicated” with food.  So we worked out some alternative behaviours for them to adopt when they got those feelings.  Simple things like drink a glass of water, or go for a walk round the block.  So this broke the cycle of “feel bad – need a snack”.  When they came to me they were “addicted to carbs” (I think we all are to some degree), so they cut right back on bread, potatoes, pasta – yes pasta and white rice.

The Hypno-band program changes behaviour so clients are encouraged to eat small portions of health nutritious food.  This becomes normal.  They don’t like that full bloated feeling anymore.  Their eating habits change to those of a slim person and start to take some exercise and the pounds start to come off day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month. Soon their target weight becomes an achievable goal, not too far away!

What’s your reward for weight loss?

My Hypno-band weight loss clients need a reward for their efforts.  The need for reward is a basic human condition.  If we know we are going to get something out of it, we’ll do it!

New clothes are the obvios reward, but for many that’s going to be a long way off.  So the thought of that reward won’t sustain my clients on their mission.  One of my quit smoking clients went out and bought himself a new car.  He promised himself that he would never smoke again while he had that car.  That was a good reward for him, but we don’t all have that amount of cash available.

So the reward has to be achievable short-term and not involve a pile of money.  Finding that reward and achieving it is easer than you might think.  Any ideas?

Are you selfish enough to lose weight?

I always my Hypno-band weight loss clients if they are generous or selfish. 99% say that they are generous.  Well that’s the wrong attitude if you want to lose weight!

Ask yourself “Who am I doing this for and why am I doing it”.  Are you doing ir for someone else?  I doubt it.  Someone close to you will be very glad if you do lose weight, because they know that it will make you happy, but that’s just an additional benefit.

So I tell my clients that they have to be totally selfish.  All other considerations have to take the back seat for a while.  They have to have sharp elbows and barge everything else out or the way.  One response I got was “Well nothing is more important than my job!”  “Think again”.  I said.  Five minutes ago you told me that you father died from a heart attack in his forties.  Now you are telling me that your job is more important than your health……….

Can’t measure, can’t manage

Management Consultant speak in the post title – sorry,  but you need all the tricks you can muster to lose weight!  It’s true though, and now if you are just a bit of a techie, or know someone who is, you can use an on-line food diary on your phone to manage your food intake.  It does really clever stuff.  You can scan your shop bought meals with your phone and the data automatically hits your diary!  It gives you a daily calorie count and you can print out weekly reports. Bit of a pain do you think?  Well once it’s set up its dream.  You can see where you are going wrong at a glance and manage the result. Just have a look at and give it a go!