I have been helping a Stroke sufferer.  She is making good progress!  Naturally enough she was feeling pretty down while she was in hospital.  In our first session I helped her to see all the positive things about her life.  She was due to go home in a couple of weeks time, she had the loving support of her family and was going to get regular help from her Physiotherapists when she got home.  She had a number of goals and I helped her to focus positively on these goals.

I attended one of her Physio sessions in the hospital. She was doing a “car transfer”. There is a sequence of steps involved in this.  I ran her through these in hypnosis and she responded very well.  The steps are now firmly routed in her sub conscious.

I attended a Physio session at her home where she was being helped to walk with a four wheeled frame.  She was experiencing a lot of pain in her ankle and hand.  I helped to remove this pain with pain relief hypnotherapy. She “dispatched her pain to me”.  In the session which followed she walked better than ever, with no pain.

So those are three areas in which Stroke Sufferers can be helped by Hypnotherapy.  I’m sure that there are many more.