Weight gain and depression


Have all your weight loss efforts have come to nothing?  Are you eating to comfort yourself?  Are there two voices in your head and does the bad one, the one that makes you over-eat, always win?  Do you feel trapped in your relationship, job or both.

If a couple of these things apply to you then you may be suffering from depression.  That in itself is not such a big deal, but weight gain and depression seem to go hand in hand.

Some of my clients have been diagnosed with depression, others have not.  Either way, if depression is at the root of the weight gain problem, hypnoanalysis can be used to solve it, so don’t despair.  Our journey together may be rather longer, but there is every chance that we will find a way through.  If we succeed weight loss will surely follow.

Maintain your weight loss over Christmas

Don’t let Christmas get in the way of your weight-loss plan.  Keep your portion sizes down and don’t buy or eat things that you don’t need.  Use Formula 1 from Herbalife once a day instead of a meal. There are plans to suit all requirements here

One Herbalife Formula 1 meal a day will make you feel so much better.  Try it at breakfast time if you have eaten late the night before, or if you are going out to lunch and simply want a light breakfast.  When you use it you will be treating your body to all the vitamins and minerals needed for health living.