Fear of flying

Fear of Flying is not entirely an irrational fear, but why is it such a problem and why has it placed such limits on your life?

The answer may lie in the past.  The fear that you have may be a fear that has come from the past, making itself felt in the present.  That fear may have been caused by an incident long ago.  It could be something quite trivial, or something you can’t even remember.

In hypnosis, with the conscious mind “parked” for a few minutes, the therapist will guide you to that event in the past.  Looking back, it may appear quite trivial, or it may have been a childhood trauma which your conscious mind has blocked out ever since.  With some careful coaching from the therapist, the fear associated with that event can simply be “swept from your mind” as if it were never there.  The fear of flying will go as well!