Single Mums

I see quite few single mums who need to lose weight.  I think that single mums are likely to gain weight more easily.  This is down to Stress, yes it’s hard on your own, lack of money, lack of time and most of all lack of time for themselves.  They spend all their time focused on others!

When I work with single mums they are often a bit low and tired.  That’s no surprise.  They are “self medicating with food” to get them through their busy days.  So we have a bit of a re-think and I help them to change their eating habits.  I insist that they take a bit of time for themselves.  They can be a bit selfish and concentrate on the things they want to achieve like health and happiness.

Who does the job?

Other professionals, be they lawyers accountants, or other highly qualified people, do a good job for their clients and work hard to achieve the results that they want.  The client passes control to them and they get on with it, until the job is done.

It’s different with my weight loss clients.  After more than half an hour of questioning I ask them “whose job is this yours or mine?”  Most of them think for a moment and give the right answer.  It’s their job.  I’m not on their staff!  They have to stop over-eating. Be clear. I’m there to help them every step of the way.

My clients will be delighted with what they achieve.  It’s their achievement.  Possibly the greatest achievement in their life

Perfect Parents – None

Many of my weight loss clients have been overweight since they were children. I discover that their parents had problems, maybe depression, or were simply controlling or over-protective .Traumatic events or even harsh words have affected my clients.  Typically, they lack confidence and feel bad about themselves.  To compensate for this, they self medicate with food.

To help these clients I have to resolve the issues from their childhood that have been a burden to them all their lives.  Once we have done this together, they can make the changes in their lives that they have been trying to make for so long.