Too good to be true? Not in my experience…

A good article on “Virtual Gastric Band” hypnotherapy here.  I have clients who have had similar, if less spectacular, results.  They have all enjoyed their weight loss journey and found it much easier than they thought they would.  All their previous attempts have failed, but the thing that they did not realize was that they had not asked their subconscious mind to give them permission to lose weight.  My weight loss clients have their subconscious minds on-side and that makes permanent weight loss possible.


If you lose weight you may avoid Diabetes

If you are overweight and worried about contracting Diabetes you should be!  If you have not had a look around the Diabetes UK website you can find it here.  The long-term outlook for people with Diabetes is poor.  The NHS spends Ten Percent of its budget on Diabetes care each year and 80% percent of those diagnosed with Diabetes are overweight.

I have been helping a lady with Diabetes recently.  She lost weight after her first Hypno-band session and has continued to do so, even over Christmas, which is definitely a first for her.  Her eating habits have changed completely and she will continue to lose weight.  She is so much happier than when I met her a couple of months ago and so is her Doctor!