Make your life better

My clients want to make their lives better and with a bit of help and effort they do!

I help people to achieve sustained, lasting weight-loss using the Hypno-band system.  My clients regularly achieve lasting weight loss. I am a licensed Hypno-band practitioner.

I help clients to stop smoking using the highly successful Rob Kelly method.  Even if you have smoked for many years. It is the single best thing that you can do to improve your health and life expectancy.  You will feel great about your achievement.

I work with clients to help them with confidence and self-esteem issues, based on a simple, easy to understand self-help formula.  It has helped thoudands of people around the world to improve their lives.

I help clients to manage stress and to take real control of their lives. 

I’m  able to help with many areas of people’s lives.  So click here and see if I can help you.  If what you need is not in this list please do give me a call.  I can devise a program to meet your specific needs.  If I can’t help you I may know somebody who can.

At your first appointment we will discuss your concerns.  I need to get to know you and understand your difficulty, before embarking on a course or treatment. I know that this will be a good investment of your time and mine. So please call me straightaway on 07867 802062 or complete the contact form.