Ok, want to tackle your weight?

Can’t keep your weight under control? Too much effort? Need a bit of help?  Well you’ve found that!  I have been helping people to lose weight for 5 years, using the highly successful Hypno-band programme. I can help you as well.

You will lose weight after the first session.  Your whole attitude to food will change.  The struggle will end.  After four sessions, conducted over a 6 week period, you will be well on your way to achieving your target weight and you will know that you’ll get there!

Call Michael today, on 07867 802062 for a brief chat and begin to change your life.

How is January going?

We all start the year with the very best of intentions, but busy lives get in the way.  Actually, our subconscious minds are the problem.  We want to make changes at a conscious level, but find that we stray off course.  That’s because at a subconscious level we want to continue as we are (we like smoking – it gets us through our day, as do those snacks and that 6 o’clock glass of wine).  Or, to put it another way “We want to change at a conscious level, but we haven’t asked our subconscious mind for its permission”.

Hypnotherapy solves this problem.  It addresses the subconscious mind directly, while the conscious mind is “parked”.  The therapist makes helpful suggestions to the subconscious mind during the session.  It takes them on board and those old bad habits are gone.

Well that’s how it works, so give it a try.  Call 07867 802062 today

Will drink spoil your Christmas?

You, or someone you know, will have a miserable Christmas and it will all be down to drinking too much.  So it’s time to make a change!  The first thing to do is buy this book, either for yourself, or someone else who needs to read it.

I base my Stop Drinking hypnotherapy on Beth’s book and it usually takes two to three sessions to stop completely.  So give me a call and we will make a start.

So how will life be without alcohol?  Well pretty good actually.  You will spend a quiet few weeks keeping away from difficult social situations where there is a lot of drink.  During that time you will do a lot of things that you enjoy.  They will be things that drinking stopped you doing.  Make a mental note of those things now.  You will have so much more time and your energy levels will go up and up. You will feel a great sense of calm.  You will know that you have done the right thing.

Middle Class Addicts

I’m seeing increasing numbers of people in their 30s and 40s with addiction problems. They look so normal and life’s been good to them.  Their cars and their clothes tell me that.

They are intelligent, brave people.  They are seeking help to escape the meltdown they fear.  I’n no great fan of the Daily Mail, but there is and excellent article here. The message kicks in a few paragraphs after the Kate Moss picture and its not a comfortable read.

I base my addiction therapy on this book.  So, I suggest you buy it if you want to change your life for the better.  Once you have read and understood, please do get in-touch and we can work together to create a new life for you, freed from addiction to drugs.


Potters Bar and Stamford

I’m now seeing clients in Both Potters Bar, Hertfordshire – Monday to Wednesday and Stamford, Lincolnshire – Thursday to Saturday.

Please call 07867 802062 or fill in the contact form.  Thank You.