Switch off your Anxiety.

Is your life crushed by anxiety?  I know, you just can’t do all the normal things that most people do.  Even answering the door is a struggle.  Perhaps you never answer it. Social events are so difficult.  Maybe you turn to drugs or alcohol to ease you through them.

I have helped many clients with some form of anxiety.  Some have been totally crushed by it.  Based on this experience and much research, I have developed a six-week program designed to transform the lives of those affected by anxiety.  Each or the six sessions lasts about an hour, costs £85 and includes hypnotherapy to change thoughts and feelings. Clients will notice changes in their behavior and feelings after the first session. Homework between sessions will maintain and even accelerate the change.

You can overcome your anxiety, but you do need help to do so. You will be doing the work on this course of treatment, but you will be cared for and guided all the way.

Please call Michael for an initial chat on 07867 802062 or fill in the contact form on the site.

Stamford – Oakham

I’m now seeing clients in my fully functioning consulting room at my home in Clipsham LE15 7SE.                                                                                                                       AIR_8139It’s a 15 minute drive from Stamford or Oakham. There is plenty of room to park.

Another option is that I can come to you or meet you at The Feathers Centre in Deeping St James. I can do home visits if you prefer. Text me on 07867 802062 and I will call you back.

Open day 1st April 2017

Come along to the open day at the Feathers Holistic Centre, Deeping St James, on Saturday 22nd  April.  I will be doing group chats about how you might benefit from Hypnotherapy at 11.30 am and 12.30.  I’m available for free introductory sessions from 14.00 onwards.  If you want to book a specific time text me on 07867 802062.

See you there,