Overcome Your Fear of Skiing

So is your skiing trip booked, or are you hesitating?  Certainly, Skiing is a dangerous sport, but not as dangerous as horse-riding or cycling.  You can significantly reduce your risk of injury by:

  • Wearing a helmet
  • Never skiing off-piste
  • Making sure that your ski bindings are adjusted properly
  • Improving your technique

You’re still not convinced are you?  These reasonable risk reduction measures are just not enough!

Now think about the dangerous things you do do.  That car you drive is a lethal weapon, yet you feel perfectly confident on the road.  Perhaps you could apply that confidence to an activity like skiing.  Well it’s not that easy is it?

So what’s going on?  You are experiencing both rational and irrational fear at the same time.  Let me explain:  Would it be normal to have no fear of skiing at all?  I don’t think so.  You use the breaks on your car don’t you, because you fear being in a collision.  Fear is fine, it keeps you safe.  But fear beyond the normal, or irrational fear if you chose to call it that, simply prevents you from enjoying something that others enjoy and you can enjoy to.

So where has that irrational fear come from?  You lead a normal life and are not particularly anxious or cautious.  You are a good driver after all!  We will work together to explore, understand and overcome your fear. Your may have nothing at all to do with skiing, but you have just picked it up somewhere in your life.  It’s coming out now and is preventing you from enjoying a skiing holiday with your friends or family.

If all this makes a bit of sense give me a call on 07867 802062 and we can talk it through, or fill in the contact form here.