You are what you eat, simple but true!  My Hypno-band clients have tried many diets, without long term success.  While the Hypno-band program is not a diet,  I do ask my clients to cut right back on bread, white rice, pasta and potatoes.  The change is fast and visible.

This does raise genuine concern.  Nearly all of these clients have not been eating a healthy diet.  Many of them have been eating badly for years, depriving their bodies of essential nutrients. I’m pretty sure that they need a nutrient boost.  They lack energy and sparkle, they look a little tired.

I’m not a fan of “diet products”.  All my clients have tried them, in one form or another and failed to lose weight.  However they do need a nutrient boost! 

The formula 1 shake from Herbalife is just right.  Unlike others, it is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.  It delivers a sustained flow of energy to the body for several hours and is a meal in itself.

I insist that all my clients eat breakfast to get their metabolism going for the day.  Just about all breakfast cereals are relatively high in carbohydrates, sugar and salt.  Porridge is much the same but it does release energy slowly.  Many of my clients lead full, busy lives and dash for the door without eating breakfast.  The formula 1 shake provides them with just what they need, without the carbs, sugar and salt.

If you are short of time in the mornings The formula 1 shake is ideal.  It takes a moment to make and a moment more to drink.  No excuses now! text to order 07867 802062.





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