Essential Nutrients

Many of my clients have been trying to lose weight since their 20s.  They have been on- and-off various diets for most of their lives.  They eat too much of the wrong food too often, This has taken a toll on their bodies.  Along the way they have deprived themselves of the essential nutrients which are present in most balanced diets.

Herbalife products aid weight loss and are specially formulated to include all the essential nutrients for healthy living.

My Hypno-band clients lose weight steadily after the first session and continue to achieve sustained weight loss.  They have cut back on their carbohydrate intake and eat only small portions of healthy food.  It’s a winning formula so why change it?  I don’t want to change it, but improve it -Yes!  I encourage my Hypno-band clients to eat three small meals a day. They do.  And they don’t snack, so weight loss follows.  But what about those essential nutrients?  Our bodies need calcium for bone strength, zinc (present in very few foods) and magnesium for healthy muscles.  The Herbalife formula 1 healthy meal contains them all and 23 vitamins!  It’s protein based and contains only 217 calories per portion.

So if you want to be sure that you are getting the right nutrients while you are on your weight-loss journey, the basic Hebalife nutrition set costs £79.50 + p&p.

  • 1X 550gm container of  formula 1 healthy meal,
  • 1X formula 2 (all the vitamins needed)
  • 1X herbal beverage (v good for hydration)
  • 1X fibre and herb (aids digestion)

This will last about a month.  It’s an investment in you of £2.65 a day.

To order call 07867 802062


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