Family weight loss

If your parents are overweight there is a high probability that you will have a weight problem yourself.  If you are a parent who has suffered from being overweight since you were a teenager you already know how painful that can be.   It’s the last thing that you would want for your child.

Research on identical twins has shown that the “fat gene” is a myth.  So if you are overweight it’s the result of bad eating habits, which are often passed on to us by our parents.

Many of my weight loss clients start to lose weight as soon as they change their eating habits.  This happens after our first session together.  I do ensure that they have the support of their families or partners; otherwise they are doomed to fail.

Treating the whole family together overcomes so many difficulties.  If a family member on the program understands the emotions and feelings that cause other family members to over eat, stress at work for example, they can be supportive.  So it’s all about understanding and caring for one another.

Commitment and I mean real commitment, is required to achieve sustained weight loss.  If the family have a common goal and are committed to helping one another to achieve that goal, the chances of success are very high indeed.

Yes it’s going to take some effort, but the rewards for that effort are huge.  Each family member will see the reward differently and it’s vitally important that each family member clearly identifies what the rewards are.

There is an abundance of love and energy in the family unit.  That energy can be directed towards a common weight loss goal with astonishing results achieved over a short period of time.

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