Exercise for weight loss

I develop a bespoke exercise program for each Hypno-band client.  There are good reasons for this.  If you are overweight you probably find exercise difficult.  I will ask you to do simple things like walking, which can be achieved easily.

To achieve weight loss through exercise your heart rate needs to be raised to a certain level, for a period of time and kept there, otherwise little, if any, weight loss will occur.  I do the calculations for you to ensure that you exercise at the right intensity for the correct period of time.  You may not be able to achieve this when we first meet, but when you have started to lose weight,  you will reach a point when you can exercise for the period of time required to lose weight.  This will accelerate your weight loss and you will feel better.

Reduced food intake as a result of the Hypno-band program, combined with effective weight loss through exercise, is a winning strategy.